8 Things You Need For Winter Training – Your Ultimate Alé Kit List

The temperature drops and the nights draw in, but winter miles means summer smiles or so they say…

For those hardy souls who are ready to ride over the winter months, we’ve put together a list of 8 essential items that will help keep you out on two wheels whatever the weather;

Iridescent Jacket

The iridescent and reflective windproof material gives this garment a decidedly “chameleonic” appearance and a remarkable night visibility. The fabric is covered with microspheres of glass that “light up” when illuminated by the headlights. It has to be seen to be believed!

Bib Tights

There comes a point where we all have to accept that shorts just no longer cut the mustard, so where do you start when it comes to bib tights. Whether you like knickers or the traditional bibs the features on the Alé PR-R tights are sure to keep the elements at bay so you can get on with your ride.

Base Layer

Sleeved or sleeveless, base layers are an essential item in the kit bag. Made from a special moisture wicking fabric that draws sweat away from the skin as well as keeping you nice and warm. This enables the body to work more efficiently and regulate it’s temperature for optimum riding


The new K-Idro is ideal for high intensity training in weather conditions with a risk of rain. It’s internal gauze insulates the body from the cold and whilst keeping you dry. However, the most exciting feature is housed in the pocket where you’ll find a hi-vis safety LED. Removable with 3 settings ensuring improved visibility on those evening outings.


There’s always those hardly souls who soldier on without, but when out in wet and cold conditions there’s no denying gloves as a winter essential. Helping maintain control up top with better grip and keeping those digits cosy when the temperature drops. Gloves are a quick and simple way to stay comfortable and temperature regulated.


When it comes to keeping your head warm, everyone has their own preference. Our three most popular items for keeping the heat in up top have to be the under helmet cap, a tubular buff (doubles as a café stop face covering!) and for extra warmth, the balaclava. Whatever your preference, there’s something to suit all.

Overshoes / Toe Covers

Out on the roads, sometimes the occasional puddle or downpour are unavoidable and quite frankly there’s nothing quite worse for shortening a ride then wet feet. Whether you go for full overshoes or a toe cover, this is a great way to keep you riding as the temperature drops.


Made with super warm polypropylene fibres, these are highly efficient temperature-regulating socks. Unlike standard wool, they create a breathable barrier that by trapping heat and wicking sweat externally. Naturally anti-bacterial, high wicking and water repellent, these ensure fresh feet at all times and no build-up of bad smells.

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